Curahan Hati


Friday, 08 january 2010

a long time ago,, i have bestfriend that i really love ..
happy and bad time together..

since i was in university.. i love my friend..
she is so kind and my good listener.

but,, now it's different.
she has someone else.. boyfriend..

i know it's really hurt me..that i lost my friend..
i lost my bestfriend. n that's not good feeling.
that's totally bad. no one to share. no one to having fun together. no one to learn together.
no one..

she is gone ...
gone in my life...
no her again..

huh.... that's so difficult to accept the truth that i'm alone.

miss u..

i dont have any friend again. but,,, that's for her happiness.
no one make me happy.
no one !!

maybe.. it's too much ..
but,, that's my feeling now..

Lost friend..

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